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Aug 25, 2015

vintage Sharon tractor for sale on eBay

Are you interested in buying a valuable piece of Israeli history?

The first tractor owned by Ariel Sharon on his farm, Sycamore Ranch, is up for sale. On eBay.

Starting bid stands at $20,000.

From the description of the sale item on eBay:
This unique tractor belonged to the late Israeli prime minister, Mr. Ariel Sharon. The tractor has been in good hands throughout the years and has a very interesting history:
This tractor is really Mr. Sharon's first friend. It served Sharon as he worked with sheep in the Shikmim Farm, where he resided. After a while, Sharon realized the tractor was too big and fast for his work with sheep, so he decided to sell it
A Cherkessian farmer named Korkus bought the tractor in 1974, and worked with it until 1990, while maintaining the machine's excellent condition. In 1990 the tractor was sold to Nir Sadan, the current owner. When Sadan came to pick up the tractor, Korkus said: "This tractor belonged to Israel's war hero, Mr. Ariel Sharon".
Years later, Sharon has become the prime minister of Israel and has arrived to a corner stone ceremony in the Gilboa. Sharon's tractor was the only one near the stage, and other tractors surrounded it. When Sharon went on the stage to start his speech, he immediately recognized the tractor, his first friend. Sharon could hardly contain his excitement and talked about the tractor. The crowd clapped with pride and joy for the reunion of the two friends, and in respect to the very special man that was Mr. Ariel Sharon.
This even is shown in the video below.

Nir Sadan, the current owner: "I'm honored to be part of the chain which serves to perpetuate the legacy of this amazing man, who contributed so much to Israel".
Mr. Ariel Sharon, also known as Arik Sharon, has been a prominent figure in Israel's military and political arenas throughout the years.
Sharon was a commander in the Israeli Army from its creation in 1948, and participated in most of Israel's big wars. After his military career, he was nominated Agriculture Minister and Defense Minister. He was nominated as Israel's 11th Prime Minister.

This is pretty cool. I am surprised there is not a picture included of a younger Sharon driving the tractor from earlier days...

I'd love to see this appear on the show Pawn Stars and watch them authenticate it and value it, then negotiate for it.

Anyways, go bid. get yourself a vintage tractor

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