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Aug 20, 2015

Rabinovitch and Lipskind argue whether there is place for an alternative conversion court (video)

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  1. The issue is that the Rabbanut has 2 functions. It provides services, and it maintains standards.

    The problem is the confusion between the two. Chareidim do not use its services (kashrus, mikvaot etc.) but are very interested in it maintaining standards in areas that pertain to status (conversion, marriage, etc.). DL do use the services but want the 'standards' part of it to be just another service, catering to what the majority demands.
    This confusion is very clear around the 18 minute mark when they are claiming that because Chareidim don't rely on the kashrus they shouldn't need the giyur either.

    But standards are not services, and there is a fundamental difference between the two functions - as R' Rabinovitch tried to point out with the comparison to police, courts, etc. Standards need to be maintained even if they don't meet everyone's approval.

  2. Very well put. There has to be only one standard of conversion (the strict Orthodox) for the sake of the continuity of the Jewish people; otherwise, c'v, there will be two peoples - the real and the questionable.


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