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Aug 26, 2015

The division of dayyanim appointments

this article, describing a deal made for the appointment of new dayyanim to the batei din, made me wonder.

The relevant point is that an arrangement was reached by which the new appointments will be comprised of 33% asheknazi haredi dayyanim, 33% sefardi haredi dayyanim, and 33% dati leumi dayyanim.

Here are the garbled and partially redundant thoughts it caused me to wonder about:
1. that is 66% haredi and 33% dati leumi. why did the dati leumi agree to it?
2. why is it ok for the haredi side to distinguish as two separate groups the sefardi and ashkenazi dayyanim, thus claiming an equal portion of both, yet the dati leumi are happy to not make that distinction, thus ending with a clear majority for haredim over dati leumi?
3. are the haredi reps really so divisive and racist or is it successful tactics to get more dayyanim?
4. are the dati leumi living in Utopia? are they really so not-racist that they are willing to forgo such a big discrepancy just so as not to appear as being racially divisive?
5. why not divide it two ways? or four ways?

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Is it a matter of numbers? how does the distribution of religious leaders work out in Israel? Perhaps proportional representation would have fallen out this way anyway... your thoughts?

  3. I think it's simple, why don't you see it? The jobs are divided up for the three political parties: Shas, UTJ, and Beit Yehudi. They're all about the same power, 6-7-8 seats. If the Dati Leumi were 12-15, then they'd claim half.

  4. The BY screwed up when they were big and UTJ and Shas were not around. But Bennet's focus was not religion, and the big achievement was a department that can be closed for budget cuts at any time. At least they learned the lesson, with Shaked in Justice.


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