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Aug 26, 2015

15 year old sefardi girl in Bnei Braq marries to get a green card into seminary

For a haredi sefardi girl in Israel today, getting into a haredi seminary is probably harder than getting a Green Card to live in the United States of America!

Actually it is very similar, according to a recent story, as reported on by Walla News and Kol Hazman.

According to the report, a 15 year old girl in Bnei Braq got engaged to an Ashkenazi man. In order to get accepted into seminary.

Reportedly she has already spent a year at home, rejected from all seminaries due to her being of sefardic lineage. While she was accepted into a seminary, it was supposedly a low quality one, whatever that means, and her family's rabbonim told them she shouldn't go to that school because it was not good.

An unnamed gadol the family consulted with recommended she start shidduchim.

The person speaking to the journalist said "she is a tzaddeikes of a girl. she does not even know what a computer is."

I like how that how we weigh the level of righteousness of a person nowadays.

Two points:
1. this is illegal. Both the rejection of her, assumnig the details reported are correct that it was for no apparent reason other than her being sefardi. And her getting married at this age (Walla says married, Kol Hazman says engaged) is illegal. I wonder if the "lower quality" sefardi seminary is worse for her spiritually than jail
2. neither of the articles say if after marrying the ashkenazi fellow did she then get accepted into the elite school of her choice, because now she is ashkanazi, or not.
3. In the USA there are federal agents that look for fraudulent marriages that are solely for the purpose of getting a green card. Here the police would need to look at her fraudulent marriage for the purpose of becoming ashkenaz.

Anyways, I wish them mazel tov and bracha, and with them a long and happy life together. Considering she won't even have a high school education I do wonder how she is going to support him.

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  1. 1. Yet another example of Ashkenazi treatment of non-Ashkenazim.

    2. She could easily have gotten a student visa in the US, if she had been from a Muslim country. Maybe she should have Arabicized her last name, instead of getting married.

    3. Or, I've known Egyptian and Moroccan Jews who have gotten away with putting down "African American" on there various applications. They're of "African" decent, right? She could have written down African or Iraqi or Arabian, etc., but I guess she didn't want to take the chance of rejection and/or didn't know about these things.

  2. Maybe she is planning a long engagement?


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