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Aug 30, 2015

Year in, Year out

The haredi media has been, rightfully so, consumed with the issue of the girls being discriminated against in various Haredi cities and not accepted into schools and seminaries.

While there is clearly a lot to discuss on the topic, and they are discussing much of it, the one thing I did not hear discussed (not that I heard every discussion that was had) was how this scenario repeats itself every single year. Year in, year out. Come two days before the beginning of the school year and suddenly the press has the latest scoop of school administrators not listening to the gedolim, or the law, and rejecting kids for no good reason other than discrimination.

Year in, year out. Like clockwork.

(though, to be fair, while I do not have numbers to back this up, from my recollection alone it seems to be getting better each year in the sense of each year less girls are suffering from the problem)

It is almost as certain as death and taxes.

If the Haredi community is one thing, it is consistent.

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  1. In my opinion, this is a sure sign of the diseased state of that entire sub-culture. A clear indication of how far they have strayed from fundamental Jewish values.

  2. It's only getting better at the moment since a couple of years ago the schools were forced to stay closed for a month until the massive numbers were sorted out, and only a handful of pitiful girls were left unsorted, like there is nowadays.

  3. Thank G-d, this is *not* the reality in the dati leumi world. And if someone is determined to leave observance, we don't cut them off and leave them uneducated and unprepared to deal with the rest of their life.


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