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Aug 20, 2015

Quote of the Day

I am running a complex city. There are here a thousand dropout kids, kids that their parents have thrown them out of their homes, many single mothers... every Shabbos when I would go out with my wife and kids for a walk we would encounter pashkevilim... I have to leave the city on Shabbos because of the pashkevilim...

  -- Mayor of Elad Yisrael Porush, in court regarding the issue of some young women not being accepted into some seminaries

1000 dropouts??!! many single mothers?  parents throwing all these kids out of their homes?? in such a young city like Elad???

Maybe there is something wrong with the system? Maybe the community needs to look at the system and make changes, instead of glorifying the system at the expense of the kids and the families...

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  1. That's an old story they're only emulating the same communities in Jerusalem...

  2. What's he saying? His city has such problems that he vacations elsewhere every Shabbos?

    1. What he is saying - he reveals that there are a lot of social issues in the city, and since we know the Haredi community likes to suppress criticism (because everything is fine), and it's only outlet is to put up harsh posters, the mayor does not feel comfortable walking around on Shabbat (during the week, he is whisked from meeting to meeting in his car), so he 'would' leave, but he did not say that he 'does' leave on Shabbat.

    2. Oh so he's asking for a pity party? If you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen.

  3. If he's a porush, he has several decades of family to teach him what politics means, especially charedi politics, which his family invented.


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