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Aug 31, 2015

Shul as a social experience

In what is most likely an unscientific poll, Bangitout.com tried to find understand why people got o shul.. Here is their inforgraphic of the results of the poll:

I always say that shul needs to be more than just a place to daven and talk to God, and it needs to also be a social experience, where we socialize with our friends. Obviously talking during davening is not good and is prohibited in some parts of davening, and the "social aspect" of shul needs to not violate the sections of davening where one cannot talk. But shul, the place, the experience, needs to include some social aspect - a regular kiddush, talking and socializing before and after services, and at other times.

People are busy all the time with work and family and learning, and it is important for people to be able to socialize a bit with their friends. it keeps people in the community, and it keeps them mentally healthy. the one place most frum Jews get to see their friends is in shul, thus turning the shul into the one place where socializing must be  apart of the experience.

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