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Aug 20, 2015

Iran self-monitoring its nuclear activity opens all sorts of possibilities

The latest revelation from the Iranian nuclear deal is shocking. And even funny in a crazy way.

It turns out that the UN is going to be trusting the Iranians to self-monitor their own reactor, and the White House is comfortable with that.
source: Times of Israel

Does this mean that Iran will have to give itself 24 days advance warning that it will be inspecting a nuclear reactor?
I think Iran can afford to be magnanimous and say that, as an expression of good faith, it will waive the 24 day advance warning clause and will surprise inspect itself to try to catch itself unaware.

In light of this astounding revelation, we are compiling a list of all the other situations and conflicts which will now be resigned to self-monitoring.

ideas so far:
1. The UN is going to allow Israel to self-monitor and self-police its activities vis a vis the Palestinians.
2. The Health Ministry is going to allow both Heinz and Osem to self-monitor themselves to ensure a minimum of 10% tomato content in ketchup they each produce.
3. The UN is going to allow Hamas to self-monitor its interrogation of the Zionist dolphin spy, Flipper.
4. North Korea is going to be allowed to self-monitor its nuclear program
5. The police in Ferguson are now going to be allowed to investigate itself in relation to its behavior vis a vis the local African American community.
6. The City of Tel Aviv is going to allow marathon runners to self-monitor their health and self-determine if they are fit to run the marathon
7. Police force sin cities around the world are now going to allow drug dealers to self-monitor their distribution lines. As well, bars are going to be allowed to self-monitor their sale of alcohol to minors.
8. The organizations protecting intellectual rights and music distribution are going to allow the public to self-monitor itself in relation to illegal music and software downloads.
9. Restaurants and food manufacturers are going to be allowed to self-monitor their kashrut status. Oh wait, this is not new - someone has already been trying to do this.
10. The Haredi community in Jerusalem is going to allow the new Yes Planet movie theater complex to self-monitor its Shabbos activities

what would you add to the list?

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