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Aug 31, 2015

The Reform breslaver who sprayed Na Nach graffiti in Syrian ISIS areas

This is strange. And that is one heck of a title!

A fellow named Timothy Wordsworth, from the United Kingdom, using the name Batn El Ghoul on Facebook, has posted some unusual pictures.

El Ghoul joined a group of Kurdish fighters in fighting against ISIS. While in Northern Syria they took over a school building that ISIS had been using as a prison.

El Ghoul is Jewish (he should stay safe and hopefully won't fall into captivity, especially now that this fact is known), and he posted a series of pictures of him in the school-prison - after he followed the great minhag of Breslav and graffitied the wall with Na Nach grafitti.

El Ghoul wrote on Facebook:
ISIS turned this school, 50 km from their capital in Al-Raqah in to a prison. I was part of horrible fighting in the area, my friends and I fended ISIS off when they tried to recapture the prison from the next village. ISIS left women's clothes and underwear on the floors of the cells, a lot of it, evidenice of un-holy crimes. I wrote Rabbi Nachman's name here to bring some light in to this black sink hole of torture, rape, murder and savage war. Amen.

Here are some of his pictures:

In another Facebook post, El Ghoul posted the following thoughts with another picture:

Peace to the whole world and a hand of reconciliation and new beginnings to all States.
All States have murdered people, in the past, the Islamic State have done it in the modern day but I would like to extend to them a hand of Peace and New Horizons. I would like to see the British and French 'Sykes- Picot Agreement' created States of Iraq and Syria dissolved and cut in to three new countries all spanning the old borders of Iraq and Syria. In the South of what was Iraq and Syria a new Shiite Muslim State, in the centre of what was Iraq and Syria a new Sunni Muslim State 'ISIS' and in the North of what was Iraq and Syria a new Kurdish State ' Kurdistan'.
For all sides to exist peacefully and for the Kurds to give up claims to territory in Turkey and Iran.
Everyone in the middle East should learn from Israel. Biblical Israel is a huge country but the modern State of Israel settles for a small strip of land and tries to live peacefully with neighbours.
If the Kurds, The Islamic State and the Shiites would, like Israel be willing to settle for less than their ancient dreams then at least everyone in the region could have their own beautiful little homeland instead of 'coveting his neighbours land' and each destroying the other. An end to war NOW.
God bless you all.

El Ghoul explained in an interview to Ynet that he always knew he was Jewish, and his grandfather was a Holocaust survivor. Being that he was raised as a Christian, as his father converted to Christianity, he did not qualify for the Law of Return and after spending some time in Israel he was eventually made to leave when his visa expired. While in Israel he somehow got connected to the Breslavers and took a liking to them. When back in the UK a friend convinced him to spend Uman in Rosh Hashana, which he says he has done now three times.

ElGhoul says he is a member of a Reform temple in London and plans to try to make aliyah again.

I don't know what is cooler - the daring graffiti he sprayed in Syria in an area under ISIS control or the fact that he is a Reform Breslaver!

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1 comment:

  1. In 300 years, some archaeologist will dig up these structures and find Na Nach signs on the walls. They will conclude that there must have been Bresolvers in Syria.


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