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Aug 24, 2015

Gav HaUma responds to the Haredi attacks on it (video)

I debated whether to not to put this up, because I did not really like it.. This is the section from the latest episode of the satire show Gav HaUma in which they respond to the attacks from the Haredi askanim and politicians claiming Gav HaUma is anti haredi and anti religious... the response is really just being funny. I decided to post it because I posted the original attack on. As a response I was not too impressed and it seems to just be something like "this is who we are. we get paid to be funny", even though that's not what they say.

I don't watch every episode, not even most, but I heard this response was coming so I watched a couple of clips looking for it. This is from the latest show, which included a section scoffing at the Palestinians, a section scoffing at Supreme Court Justices, and a section talking about the legalization of marijuana with the guest of the show being MK Tamar Zandberg..

The episode prior to this one had the show hosting Kobi Arieli, a Haredi journalist.  That episode was hilarious, though a bit racy.

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