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Aug 26, 2015

Conductor, Composer, Orchestrator and Arranger - Dudi Kalish - Yaldei Dinner (video)

Famed Composer and Choir master Dudi Kalish was flown in from Israel special for Yaldei’s ninth annual dinner in Montreal, Canada at the Crown Plaza Hotel, February 22nd 2015. he dazzled together with the Shearim orchestra, singing popular melodies and performing his own original compositions including a beautiful Yiddish song about Yaldei. 

He was joined by both the Zimra men’s choir and the Zimra boy’s choir. During one of his performances, Kalisch slowly built up his musical piece, starting with the boy’s choir, adding a little piano, then slowly inserting instrument after instrument – with an addition from the crowd too – until the full 18 piece band, both choirs, the audience and Kalish exploded into a powerful, harmonized pitch perfect melody.

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