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Aug 23, 2015

Long weekends might be back

Through the last couple of governments, Silvan Shalom has been working on his adopted project to turn Sundays into an official day off of work, essentially giving Israelis a long weekend.

He has not really gotten very far with it, as his proposals until now have never passed inn the various government votes and committees, but with this being a pet project Shalom hasn't given up on it.

With Silvan Shalom being appointed Minister of Interior in the current government, Shalom is finally actually in the one place where it is possible for him to revive this idea and get it implemented..

According to Maariv, Shalom is set to propose implementation of the long weekend, on a trial basis for now. The trial period would have 6 to 8 Sundays of the year being considered a day off of work.

We would not be working less, as an hour or two would be added to the workday on other days of the week, plus Friday would become a short workday. Minister Shalom claims that 40% of the workforce is ineffective on the weekends, so concerns about loss of work hours are not justified, and this will make the workforce more effective and efficient.

I am in favor.

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  1. I am in favour of leaving it at adding some civil holidays throughout the year, but certainly not to make Sunday a permanent weekend day. Ridiculous is Silvan who thinks I want to permanently work 10 hours days.

  2. I think that Rosh Hodesh would be a good option. It's Jewish, too. How 'bout that?!

  3. משנה תורה, הל׳ עבודה זרה פרק ט,ד
    הנוצריים עובדי עבודה זרה הן, ויום ראשון יום אידם הוא. לפיכך אסור לשאת ולתת עימהן בארץ ישראל, יום חמישי ויום שישי שבכל שבת ושבת; ואין צריך לומר יום ראשון עצמו, שהוא אסור בכל מקום. וכן נוהגין עימהן, בכל אידיהן.

    ...as if anyone cares.

    And, before anyone starts yapping about whether Xians of today are or are not A"Z, it's irrelevant. It's still being

  4. Replies
    1. Right! That's the base and quite pathetic that many religious are behind this push to bring galut here. We are Jews, we are different, we have a different calendar, let's keep it that way.


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