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Aug 20, 2015

no more sports on Shabbos in Israel!

sports drama taking place right now in Israel. Not an Israeli team winning a European championship, or a basketball team winning the annual exhibition game against a team from the NBA... nothing as dramatic as that.

Simply something as playing league sports game on Shabbos being declared illegal.

Something [some] politicians have been talking about changing for a long time, without actually doing anything about it, some football players did on their own via the courts.

In the national league, games until now have been played during weekdays, not Shabbos. It was recently decided to have some games on Shabbos. Some players, religious ones, did not like this decision, and appealed it to the labor courts.

The courts held an urgent debate over the issue and ruled that it is illegal to hold the game on Shabbos. Justice Ariella Gilzer-Katz said it is illegal and she will not allow it. The decision also has ramifications for the premiere league, not just for the national league. It seems the only person who can allow games to be played on Shabbos is the Minister of Commerce.

Considering that the Minister of Commerce is Aryeh Deri, that is unlikely to happen.
source: Walla Sports, One sport, Kikar Sport (lol)

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1 comment:

  1. The ultimate solution would cancel any sport in Israel. Entertainment is something that the Gentiles do in the hours of leisure. Jews must learn the Torah, let the entertainment for us, the nations, and to focus on Torah.


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