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Aug 24, 2015

Rabbis across America sign Kol Koreh about reporting abuse


community rabbis and roshei yeshivas across America just signed this... kol hakavod. they don't need my affirmation, but I offer it anyway and give them my respect (even though they mostly had it anyway)

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  1. This is a highly unusual "kol korei" in that it's mostly shul rabbis. There are a handful of roshei yeshiva, but none of the usual signers of such things. I'd be very interested in the story behind this.

  2. especially unusual that they didnt wait for the gedolim or leading rabbis to sign or make a statement. and these, at least the names I recognize, are agudah rabbis, not rca or modern orthodox. for agudah rabbis to do something so significant on their own without waiting for gedolim to lead the way is unusual


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