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Aug 31, 2015

bike rentals coming to jerusalem..maybe

If you can't get the movie theaters shut down, at least get the bikes locked up. Then nobody can get to the movie theaters! two birds with one stone!

According to a report on Galei Tzahal news the Haredi askanim in Jerusalem are now fighting against the plan to open a cross-city bike rental program, similar to what exists in Tel Aviv (called Tel Ofen).

the program will have the bike rentals throughout downtown jerusalem and some of the surrounding neighborhoods.

the reason for the opposition to the plan is because the bike rentals are planning to be in operation on Shabbos just like during the week.

everything, no matter how big or small, has to be a fight.

I won't support chilul shabbos, but I have no interest in telling other people how to live, or that they have to live like me, or that they have to follow my understanding of Judaism and the laws..

I wonder if this program will be scrapped, or altered to not include shabbos, as part of the supposed compensation Barkat conceded to the Haredi community by enforcing the Shabbos laws on a number of stores after they lost on the movie theater fights...

I think the rentals and returns are all done via machines, and not through rental agents. If that is the case, I am not sure why its functioning on Shabbos disturbs anyone. People ride bikes, and drive cars, in Jerusalem on Shabbos already, and if people get these bikes by a mechanized system I am not sure why they should view this as being any different or more disturbing than the normal bike and car riding already happening.

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  1. Will there be maintenance and customer service on Shabbat? Anyone who is familiar with the service around the world knows that there are logistics crews that transfer bikes from station to station based on surpluses and shortages.

  2. I'd much rather see more bikes than cars on the streets on shabbat


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