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Aug 26, 2015

Headline of the Day

Lion kills safari guide in Zimbabwe park where Cecil lived

  -- CNN

1. where is the outrage? all those people horrified and outraged that a hunter hunted and killed a lion, are they outraged that a lion killed a man who was not even a hunter?
2. Lions are kings of the jungle. Amazing beasts. They are also murderers. They destroy African villages, maul humans and kill babies, and even adults as we see in the story above. Let's not forget that. This lion was also a tracked lion, like Cecil.
3. The game park owners along with the country,  that promote these safaris and hunts make a lot of money off all these tourists and hunters. Cry me a river, as they say, that a hunter killed a freaking lion.

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  1. The human looking for a trophy to hang on his wall was making a moral choice. The
    lion was acting on instinct.

  2. Personally I am not against hunting for sport, though I dont do it. If people are anti-hunting for sport, then they should be against all hunters, not just that dentist because he killed this lion.
    in the meantime, as long as hunting is legal, and it was done in africa where it was legal, and the safari people make tons of money off the hunting enterprise, it really doesnt bother me that this guy hunted a lion, even though it was a tracked lion.From my perspective, the dentist got rid of a dangerous animal in a way that was ok with everybody around him until after the fact


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