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Mar 21, 2023

a holy people

Reports have come out that Justice Minister Yariv Levin paid a visit on Purim to the head of a crime family ((Israeli mafia) in Herzliya who has sat in prison four times for heinous crimes such as murder. The criminal he paid a visit to is Rafi Chaim, head of the Kedoshim crime syndicate ( I have also seen it spelled Kedushim, but I like Kedoshim better). Rafi Chaim's son, also a member of the gang, who sat in prison for two years for murder, was also present at the Purim party.

It seems the Chaim family led by Rafi have become big Likud supporters and bring in many votes and members from their influential positions, making their home and events a place that many Likud members make sure to visit for support.

Chaim has the right to vote for anyone he wants, including the Likud, and they can support whatever candidate they prefer for whatever ministerial position they want. Who Rafi Chaim supports doesnt interest me. Who Yariv Levin supports interests me.

The Justice Minister visits the head of a crime syndicate and hugs and panders to him and shows him respect... is that normal? is that reasonable influence and voter relations? I am not sure how the judicial reform plays into this but it doesnt sound good that he is working on judicial reform and reworking how judges are appointed while hanging out with known criminals...

I even liked Yariv Levin and voted for him in the Likud primaries. I am surprised and shocked by this.

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  1. Sounds pretty normal to me - maybe in some countries they would be a little more circumspect....

    1. senior government ministers (and the justice minister no less) hanging out with heads of crime families, aka gangsters, sounds normal to you?

    2. It wouldn't shock me, unfortunately.

  2. Perfect candidate for future Senior Minister or Likud MK.

  3. This morning on Kann Danny Danon defended the visit. He said that this person went to prison 20 years ago. He since has been completely rehabilitated, is a chozer btshevua, runs charity projects, helps teens in trouble.


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