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Mar 21, 2023

the great equalizer

I was in a hospital this morning and some young men and women were walking around handing this out:

A candy with a note that says "I came to say to you, despite all the arguments, I love you. Because in a family even if we argue, we always remain brothers. You should have a sweet day"

beautiful sentiment. funny to pass that sentiment around in a hospital, where the protests are not happening, where people are not fighting. The brutal honest truth is that a hospital is the great equalizer. Sit in a hospital for a couple hours, or even minutes, and watch the people walk, or get wheeled, by, both the patients and the visitors. Men, women, Haredi, secular, dati, traditional, Arab, Christian, old, young, big, little and any other descriptor and category you might think of. The sicknesses and illnesses and injuries, and lehavdil the births, touch everybody equally. People in hospitals dont fight with each other. They focus on getting better, but everyone there realizes we are all more or less the same and equal and the differences are minor. Hospitals really are the great equalizers.

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