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Mar 22, 2023

Checkmate or Petty

The Meron tragedy happened on Lag B'Omer of the year 2021.

Naftali Bennett served as Minister of Religious Affairs in the years 2013-2015 with Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister.

PM Netanyahu, in his role as Prime Minister in 2021 at the time of the tragedy was investigated and was even warned by the committee of possible future ramifications. Bennett was not part of the investigation, seemingly because he had no connection to it. Netanyahu, Deri, Amir Ohana, police commanders and others were investigated, and some warned, due to their involvement. Netanyahu, having been warned, seems to have the right by law to request other people be called as witnesses and to be questioned and investigated.

PM Netanyahu has requested the committee call and investigate Naftali Bennet in the capacity of his previous position as Minister of Religious Affairs.

Again, Bennett held that role in a Netanyahu government in the years 2013-2015, well before the Meron tragedy.

I dont know what they will find, and why Bennett would be any differently responsible from any other Minister of Religious Affairs from others years, but I guess we wont know without looking. Considering the distance it does seem vindictive of Netanyahu to do this to Bennett, because of their bad relations and maybe because Bennett as PM formulated and empowered this committee to investigate the tragedy.

I would say Netanyahu is saying "Checkmate" to Bennett by doing this, but that would only be the case if Bennett is found somehow to have some responsibility and guilt> if he will be, then Checkmate. If not, Netanyahu looks really petty.

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