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Mar 22, 2023

The State of Bnei Braq

There is a big fight going on about tomorrow's protest. The protest group is planning to disrupt traffic all over the place but mroe specifically they are going to be holding a large protest in Bnei Braq, ostensibly because the Haredi community, via its political leadership, is extremely supportive of the judicial reform (and behind the scenes pushing for it).

Some people are upset about that. In Bnei Braq there are two different approaches formulating and debating how to best respond - some say let's greet the protesters with drinks and cakes, or cholent and other delicacies for a Thursday night protest, along with smiles and warm greetings and handing out candles for Shabbos and other things.. Others are upset and are considering this an attack on Bnei Braq, an attack on Haredim, inappropriate and should be met with dirty diapers, rocks, rotten food thrown at them and counter demonstrations. I am reading it online and people are very passionate about this and very upset and really considering themselves as being under attack and saying to leave Bnei Braq out of it.

While I am not quite sure the efficacy of protesting specifically in Bnei Braq, I do not see why anyone should think Bnei Braq is inappropriate for protests like this and out of bounds. Bnei Braq is part of the country just like any other city, village and town. They get involved in politics in a big way they cant just wash their hands and say they have nothing to do with it. The Bnei Braq residents are nto at fault for anything, but they are as much part of the country and system as are the residents of Tel Aviv, Petach Tikva, Jerusalem, Bet Shemesh and every other town. If people want to protest in Bnei Braq, no Bnei Braq resident needs to take it personally as an attack. Bnei Braq is not an autonomous entity and need not be treated any differently than any other city. Just because it has a unique demographic doesn't mean it is out of bounds.

People refer to Tel Aviv as "The State of Tel Aviv" in a derogatory way as if it is treated and has a personality of a completely separate entity from the rest of Israel. The truth is Bnei Braq is not so different and is treated by many as "The State of Bnei Braq".

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1 comment:

  1. As a RBS resident, I must admit the current traffic-blocking "judicial regime change" protestors remind me QUITE a bit of the shabbos, etc protestors from RBS Beit/Bnei Brak/Meah Shaarim, especially in their religious zeal. Two sides of the SAME coin.


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