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Mar 22, 2023

Picture of the Day

female Members of Knesset from the Opposition parties are protesting the Coalition parties opposition to the proposed law that would protest women from abusive violent husbands and allow tracking via a bracelet in cases where continued violence is reasonably suspected. Minister Ben Gvir who pushed the Coalition to oppose the law claims he will propose a better law for this shortly, but in the meantime opposes this one due to some husbands who might be falsely accused. The female MKs protested in Knesset by waving their hands with tracking bracelets attached. It's getting wild out there.

This somewhat reminded me of when (then MK, now Minister) Meir Porush handcuffed himself to the Knesset podium to protest a law proposal regarding the drafting of yeshiva students...

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  1. How many times did the coalition MKs vote against seemingly perfectly good proposals back when they were in the opposition? What did that baboon Miri Regev say, I have no stomach for rape victims?

  2. I copy and paste from Wikipedia article about MK Elazar Stern [Yesh Atid] --> In an October 2021 interview, Stern claimed that as head of the Manpower Directorate he ignored anonymous sexual harassment complaints, saying "people who have something to say about others should speak openly. We mustn’t be complicit in a culture of anonymous complaints. During my time as head of the Manpower Directorate, I shredded many anonymous complaints." In Hebrew [from Haaretz] --> השר אלעזר שטרן על הטיפול בתלונות אנונימיות בצה"ל: "המגרסה עבדה מאוד מהר"
    Stern is still a senior MK from Yesh Atid! I dont think they have ANY right to speak about this subject. Unless you want to say Stern gets a pass for being WHITE, unlike that "baboon" Miri Regev.


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