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Mar 15, 2023

English as a foreign language

This is embarassing

This is Minister Betzalel Smotritch's speech, in English, at the Israel Bonds conference in Washington DC.

Now I am not one who believes that a politician in Israel must have good command of the English language to be elected or to be deserving of a position of high office. 

that being said, this speech in English is embarrassing and horrible. He doesn't have to know English, but if he doesn't he shouldn't be trying to give speeches in English. He can give his speeches in Hebrew and they can use that simultaneous translation thingy with the headsets that are used all around the world at big events with participants and attendees from varying countries. 

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  1. Didn't listen to the whole speech, just skimmed through. It seemed fine to me.
    Yes he had a very strong accent, but was fully comprehensible.
    He had a good command of English nuance and idioms.
    I'd rather hear a speech directly, than through a simultaneous translation. There's something lost in the human connection when heard from a translator.

    1. you didnt see him asking the crowd how to say words, what the correct word is and still mangling it all?


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