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Mar 20, 2023

delaying elections

If this government doesnt implode from all the chaos it is creating it theoretically has the chance to complete its full term -  a very rare feat indeed. This government is homogenous enough to have the chance.

As rare as that might be, the government is actually trying to give itself an extra year before elections. They are extremely optimistic about this possibility to even bother trying.

According to reports in Haaretz, and Behadrei, the Likud has submitted a request tot he election board to set the date for the next elections as November 2, 2027, giving themselves an extra year (approximately). The claim used by the Likud is that the elections were held in the month of Cheshvan so with the law saying that elections for a new term will be held in the Cheshvan following the end of the four year term, the Likud wants to say the Cheshvan that we held the last elections in should not be counted, thus giving them an extra year until the next Cheshvan.

Knesset legal counsel is opposing this request saying the official date of elections (if the Knesset serves its full term) will be the 3rd Tuesday of Cheshvan 5787, which would be November 17 2026.

the Likud is being attacked for trying to pass a law to extend their term without elections, which they reject. The truth is that they are not passing a law for this, just manipulating the existing law to give themselves a longer term.

For anyone who thinks that the judicial reform as proposed would give them the possibility of canceling elections whenever they might wish to, take a look and see that the Likud right now will take advantage of any chance to give themselves more service time without elections. If the reform gives them full power to pass whatever law they want, it isnt farfetched to think they might delay elections if it suits them

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  1. It's a little difficult to me , to understand Israel Elections system . I'm Brazilian Live in USA

    1. honestly it has gotten confusing to many Israelis as well...

  2. At a time when people are falsely screaming that the judicial reform would enable the cancelling of elections, it's the height of stupidity to pull a stunt like this.

    And, of course, pride goeth before the fall.

  3. Except they are not introducing a new law, they are trying to interpreting existing law. I don't know if they are right or wrong. But hard to see how this leads to extending their term beyond the current law.
    In the US, the president is limited to two terms. But a "term" means at least half a term. So if the president dies after the mid-point of his term, and the VP takes over, that VP could be re-elected two more times, and serve a total of 10 years as president. Laws are full of such technicalities.


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