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Mar 26, 2023

the solution to antisemitism

Kanye West has announced that he likes Jews again.

Whew. I am so relieved.

Kanye announced this on his Instagram page and the post got 2.8+ million likes, so far.

I do find it strange that this is his only post on Instagram. Not being a follower I am not sure if he just never uses his account there or if he deletes all his posts regularly or if the account is brand new....

Anyway, Kanye says he finished with his antisemitism and now likes Jews because he watched a movie, 21 Jump Street, with Jonah Hill in it.

I think all those organizations out there, and the State of Israel itself, that have dedicated themselves to fighting antisemitism, need a new approach. They should all just be showing 21 Jump Street to groups of antisemites.

I wonder what other movies with a Jewish actor might be powerful enough to sway people to liking Jewish people. Suggestions? It might be futile. It is probably difficult to find any good movies with a Jewish actor....


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  1. Spaceballs! The ultimate Jewish movie...

  2. Well there's always Jackie Mason


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