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Mar 15, 2023

Steinmetz strikes for Israel!

Back in July 2021 Orthodox Jew Jacob Steinmetz was drafted to Major League Baseball by the Arizona Diamondbacks. 

While Steinmetz is no Sandy Koufax (in talent) just yet, this 19 year old Minor League pitcher just started a game for Team Israel in the World Baseball Championships tournament and notably struck out Manny Machado and a couple other Dominican star players.

Just the other day a Nicaraguan pitcher nobody had ever heard of struck out three MLB All Stars (including Juan Soto) in an inning (while giving up a hit to Machado) in the WBC and was immediately granted a contract by a scout from the Detroit Tigers. Steinmetz is already in the MLB system, so that isnt going to happen to him, but WBC outings have proven to be notable.

Always happy to see our MOTs succeed at such high levels!

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