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Mar 27, 2023

challenging Netanyahu

(this post was written late last night, before knowing what would transpire in the morning hours, so this all might be moot by the time you read it)

I dont know how Netanyahu gets out of the current crisis unscathed. I dont see a path. But he's maneuvered out of crazy situations before, so maybe he'll figure something out. That being said, at this point it looks like he may lose his government no matter what he chooses moving forward - if he freezes the judicial reform I dont see how Smotritch, Ben Gvir, Rothman and Levin (and some others) dont resign. If he continues to move ahead I dont see how others calling for the freezing of the reform dont resign. If he moves forward, the chaos continues to spread. It is a bad situation and I dont see how this government can last much longer the way things are going. They started off solid and homogenous but the cracks are too big now.

I think if elections happen, whenever they happen, whether in 4-6 months or in 4 years or in a year - whenever it may be - it is time for the Right to outflank Bibi on the Right, turn him into the Leftist that he has always liked to call his opponents, and run a Prime Ministerial candidate from the more right wing parties. 

There is no real left. The current left is made up of a few small left wing and Arab parties, a couple larger centrist parties and some right wingers that are there because of Bibi. On their own the Left cant really win, and the union of diverse parties wont continue forever - we already saw how poorly they work together. Regardless, the future wont come from the Left, no matter how important they were in the past. They can continue to run and challenge Bibi but the real challenge to Bibi will be from the Right.

Some candidate from the Right, whether it will be Smotritch or Ben Gvir or someone else, will need to stop seeing themselves as representatives of small sectors of Israel and say it is time for us to lead Israel. Say, Bibi is Left - he couldnt withstand the pressures, he froze construction, he refused to evacuate Bedouin settlements the Supreme Court allowed him to, he evacuated Jewish settlements, etc. it is time for someone else to challenge him from the Right and go and form a real right wing government.

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  1. it is time for us to lead Israel - which will require them to give up their intellectual purity and be concerned about others outside anshei shlomeinu

  2. Garnel IronheartMarch 27, 2023 6:52 PM

    The problem is finding a decent candidate on the realistic right. Put Smotrich or Ben Gvir in the big chair for a week and see what happens. Bibi is on the right but he's realistic given Israel's relationship with the US and its economic dependence on world trade. He knows how far to push a right wing agenda and when to back off to avoid causing the country damage. A "real right wing" prime minister would destroy the country in a few days.

  3. Problem is, most Israelis don't care that much about those causes either.


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