Jan 15, 2006

And they criticize the Ultra-Orthodox for being undemocratic!

The ultra-orthodox parties often come under criticism from the secular parties for being undemocratin in the methods used to select candidates as representatives in Knesset. The Haredi parties make their selections solely at the discretion of the parties leading Rabbis. Their is no input by the constituents or primaries or any other form of voter participation in the selection process.

Shinui just had primaries to select its Knesset list for the upcoming elections. Shinui party head Tommy Yosef Lapid squeaked out a narrow victory, but his deputy and second in command Avraham Poraz was voted out by the constituents. Lo and behold, Lapid is throwing a fit and may leave the party unless Poraz is gauranteed a high spot. That is democracy? Ignoring the voters wishes?
Kadima: This was a problem from day 1, but the excuse for them is that they have no system in place yet for selecting. no members, no party institutions, nothing. They have to, at least for the first elections they are participating in, have their reps selected by some sort of decision of one person or small group of people. The best we can hope for is that the process in Kadima will change next time around.. This is democracy?

Are the Rabbis of UTJ and Aguda any less honest and morally/ethically sound that for them to choose the reps is inappropriate but for Ariel Sharon (now Ehud Olmert) and Tommy Lapid it is ok. Do they really claim the moral high ground over the great Rabbis of our generation?

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