Jan 24, 2006

Do they think we are stupid?

Little by little we are finding out how they tried to deceive us completely regarding Ariel Sharon's condition. Last week they revealed that they knew about his rare brain disease after the first stroke but did not announce it for political reasons. This despite the fact that Ariel Sharon said publicly he is allowing full disclosure of his medical record, and the doctors then saying they are telling everything to the public.
Now, it turns out, there is yet another, far more serious disease that they also kept hidden from us.
Don't get me wrong, if there is no law of full disclosure even for PM candidates or serving PM's, they are under no obligation to tell. I support the idea that there should be full disclosure, as we need to know what is influencing the PM's decisions and whether he is capable of making important decisions. But if there is no such law, then he has no obligation to tell. In this situation Sharon announced he is telling everything, the doctors announced they will reveal everything, and then they only gave out a small amount of the actual info.
This, in my mind, is a small deception. I call it small because it is really unimportant and he did not have to tell us anything anyway. What does concern me is if they tried to deceive us regarding this, when they could have just covered it up by saying there is no need or obligation to tell, on what other issues of greater national importance did Ariel Sharon deceive us as well?
The initial announcement of openness was obviously a ploy to garner support for Sharon and Kadima, but now we see that he was treating us like patsies and fools.
Yet the people still are iconizing him like the Dalai Lama or the prime minister of North Korea. Maybe we are fools, just as he thought...

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