Jan 19, 2006

Ron Arad Le'Hofesh Nolad

I see a sign everyday next to my office that is displayed prominently that says Ron Arad Le'Hofesh Nolad (to paraphrase with a free translation - Ron Arad was meant to be free).

The latest announcement from Hezbollah is very confounding. Will the story of Ron Arad ever come to a close? At least with Eli Cohen we know where he is and what happened to him. We want his bones back for a proper jewish burial of a hero of Israel, but at least we know his fate and status. With Ron Arad, we have no idea. Some say they have strong indications he is dead, some say alive, some say he was alive until 1987 then disappeared, etc.. We have no idea where he is or what his status is.
Daven for Ron Arad and his family and all of Israel that we should be reunited with Ron, hopefully alive but if not at least so he can get the proper burial and closure for his family and Israel that a jewish hero like he deserves.

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