Jan 12, 2006

Were we trainjacked today?

So I take the train to work and today the train was unusually packed that even the aisles were full of standing commuters. The train at some point stopped between stations and sat for a while. Nobody (in my area) seemed to know what was going on, but eventually it became clear that somebody had fainted (hope that was it and she is better) and they got her off the train into the hands of trained medics.
As the train began moving there was suddenly a burst of Arabic over the PA system. Everybody looked startled and puzzled, and I am sure the thought that we were being trainjacked went through not just my warped brain. After a moment or so, the guy on the PA laughed and switched back to Hebrew. It happened again a few minutes later to everybody's amusement.
Look at that, in Israel even an Arab can be a security guard, despite the mideast conflict and tension.

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