Jan 3, 2006

Is there a point to such a ban?

One of many articles ragrding Rabbis banning internet access.
Is there a point to such a decree/gezeira/ban? How many times will they ban it before they give up?
People need it for work. People use it for pleasure. It does not matter. Very few people are giving it up. I do not have a link, but I have read articles recently that indicate internet use is on the rise, even in the religious public.
My question is based on a gemara. The gemara tells us that a decree that the people do not (or is it, cannot?) keep is cancelled automatically. Now, I am not sure what the process for this is. Is it a natural process, meaning they try to make a decree they feel is appropriate and they keep hammering it in to us but we keep ignoring them (or at best finding ways not to ignore but rationalize not listening - e.g. I need the internet for work) and eventually they just give up and leave us alone about it, or do the Rabbis have to declare it cancelled in some form or another?
I suspect it is the former, rather than the latter.
I still do not know how long it will take them to give it up, but I guess they are obligated to try to do what they think will save Judaism and Yiddishkeit.
When do they decide it is a gezeira that the people cannot (will not) abide by?

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