Jan 26, 2006

What is happening with Olmert?

Why is he not responding to the PA election results? Why is he not giving the country direction in the wake of the uncertainties raised? Many other countries have already responded with statements, why has Olmert not yet responded?

I do not think his decision to allow voting in East Jerusalem is what caused Hamas to win. Their victory was too great to be based on that issue alone. I think it was the general atmosphere created by the politicians (who later founded and joined Kadima). They delegitimized Fatah (though Fatah deserved it) and would not speak to Abu Ala. They decided to do things unilaterally, meaning Abu Ala, who was considered moderate by most analysts, had nothing to take credit for and no gains to show his people. That is aside from the rampant corruption that has always been found in the PA leadership that people must have been sick of. So they voted for Hamas to effect a change.

Don't get me wrong - Olmert did us a great injustice and caused terrible damage (IMHO) by allowing them to vote in East Jerusalem. Note that he did this against the wishes of Ariel Sharon. Sharon had said he would not allow it to happen. By Olmert vascillating on the subject and allowing the vote in E Jerusalem, he has thrown the status of Jerusalem up in the air and opened what will become a can of worms, that can only end badly for us.

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