Jan 10, 2006

Somebody always knows better!

Throughout Ariel Sharon's treatment and care, we have been inundated with news on the issue. A very troubling event has been the constant interviews with doctors not involved in the case.
We keep being told that Dr. X or Dr. Y said the care he received was faulty because of reasons x y or z. He hsould had this done instead or something else and they were negligent for doing what they did.
First of all, if you were a bigger expert than the doctors on the case, you would have been selected for treating the Prime Minister. Second, why do you think you know better than doctors that are currently treating him? You are not aware of all the fine details of what is happening - you only know what is released to the public!
Let the doctors do their work and let us assume they are doing their best and working as hard as they possibly can to provide the PM with the best possible care. When it is all over you can call and lead an investigation to decide whether he was treated properly or mishandled.
Now is not the time.

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