Jan 1, 2006

Feiglin bows out..

Feiglin bows out..
The whole thing does not make much sense. I am not sure what bibi was thinking. Manhigut Yehudit (Feiglin's group within the Likud) is not a one man show (unlike Kadima). While Feiglin may be the highest profile member of Manhigut and the one with the greatest name recognition, he is far from the only one capable and competent.
Now that Feiglin has agreed to drop out, Michael Fuah (his second in line) will join, and then Manhigut will still have a rep in Knesset (if he places high enough).
Maybe Bibi was only interested in keeping Feiglin himself out just for public appearances, but not too many people would notice that Manhigut has a different representative in...

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