Jan 29, 2006

The next thing to be made assur..

I saw a little news article in the Mishpacha newspaper (Hebrew edition). The blurb said that the Roshei HaYeshivos have become aware of a new problem in the yeshivas. They have found more and more talmidim using mp3 and mp4 players to record shiurim and to listen to music.

You might ask, so what is the problem? Good question. The article goes on to explain that the Roshei Hayeshivas are concerned because they cannot control what is being listened to. They have no way of checking what music a talmid is listening to. Many of them are not familiar with how to navigate the menus on the player and even the ones who are familiar to an extent have a difficult time with it. They cannot control the situation. If a student uses a discman/walkman, the rebbe can take out the cassette/disc and see wat the kid is listening to and punish accordingly (if the music is not deemed kosher by the rebbe's standards). With the mp3 players, the situation has become too hefker.

The article said that the Roshei Hayeshivas have brought the issue to the gedolim and are looking for a solution how to deal with the problem.


  1. "looking for a solution"...

    Yes, I'm sure we'll see something very creative and original...

    Maybe instead of burning mp3 players they will have to crush them! That would be a good solution.

  2. If they would embrace it and educate their students to use them properly (whatever that means) they would not have to go through these ridiculous motions.

  3. Well, I think that the same thing will happen with MP3 players as the internet. There will be some groups that ban it, and other groups that do try to utilize the technology to reach more Jews than ever before. I highly doubt that those "gedolim" that are gearing up to make MP3s usser are advocating the internet either. So it's just more of the same.

  4. its like a gun. The tech is neither good nor evil, healthy or unhealthy...choices are for people not built into a machine.

  5. Besides by recording what they say, students will have proof if they ever contradict themselves in another lecture.

  6. Oy.

    I like what Pragmatician said. :)


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