Jan 25, 2006

Why must they be so blatant?

Is there no end to the sleaziness in politics? Must we find out about more underhandedness, coverups, and corruption every single day?

Tonight I heard on the radio a report that Kadima had announced that Yitzchak Ben Aharon, a very prominent supporter of the Labor Party, had given his support to them (Kadima). They quoted a letter he had sent to Ehud Olmert saying he is with him and ready to help. Kadima publicized this letter now in order to make it appear that another very influential Laborite was switching allegiances to Kadima.

The problem is that after Kadima made their announcement, Labor announced that it is patently not true and Ben Aharon is a strong Labor supporter with no intentions of switching to Kadima. They asked Ben Aharon himself and lo and behold the truth comes out. He is a strong supporter of amir Peretz and is working to help Peretz be victorious. He has no intentions of leaving Labor for Kadima or any other party.
So what was that letter all about? It turns out that he sent that letter to Olmert right after Sharon had been hospitalized and Olmert was appointed Acting PM. He was being magnanimous in a time of crisis offering his support and assistance. at no point did he intend to switch to Kadima. Not only that, he only sent the letter on condition that it be private and not used for political purposes. Ben aharon was being compassionate in a time of crisis, much the way that Bibi and Peretz announced they were putting their campaigns on hold and were behind Olmert and ready to assist in whatever he needed. Did that mean they were switching to Kadima? Clearly not and neither was Ben Aharon planning any such move.

Why must our leaders be so blatantly dishonest? Is there no leader or politician who can run on a platform of honesty and integrity?

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