Jan 16, 2006

Israel again leaves a soldier behind..

Pollard's appeal of status rejected by Israeli court.

I have made a reversal in my opinion. When the Pollard affair first happened I was one of those people who felt that he broke the law by spying, even though he did it for Israel. He took risks, however noble, and was caught. He deserves to sit in jail - from the US standpoint. Israel always should have worked to get him released as an agent, but from a US standpoint, he deserved to pay the time.. I also used to say that the fact that everyone in the legal and federal communities are so against him and his release must indicate that his crimes were much worse than we know.I did not support his being freed nor did I participate in the many activities in support of Pollard during the 80's.
Since then, as Pollards incarceration has gone on and on, I have had many opportunities to rethink my position. We have seen many other agents and spies, and others who have committed far worse crimes, get off in the legal system with much lighter punishments. Even if he deserved the sentence he got, he has clearly served his time and suffered enough.
Jonathan Pollard needs to be let free, if not for his own sake and his family's sake, for justice's sake.
How could Israel leave a son behind?

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