Jan 10, 2006

Sanhedrin news..

The process of renewal of Sanhedrin

When the Sanhedrin first began, they were very secretive as to what the process had been and how they restarted the semicha. They told people only unofficially and only parts of the issues they had dealt with and support of Rabbonim they had received. Even when telling over the names unofficially, people doubted and therefore scoffed at the renewal of the Sanhedrin, asking what kind of authority they think they have, especially with no support from the "gedoilim", etc..

The Sanhedrin just held a conference dealing with many issues, the focal point being relations with Bnei Noach. While I was not there, as I could not make it due to prior commitments (specifically work), the above article in Arutz 7 says they announced for the first time the stages of the renewal of the Sanhedrin and officially had the support of Rabbis Elyashiv and Yosef. and Rav Moshe Halberstam from teh Eida Ha'Chareidis of Yerushalayim was the first musmach who then was masmich Rav Levanoni and others.
This is big news. Now it is public info that the "gedoilim" support it. If the yeshivish public want to continue scoffing at the Sanhedrin, the askanim will have to force the hand of Rabbis Elyashiv, Halberstam and Yosef to deny the report. Otherwise they will have to accept the renewal and all it's ramifications.

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