Jan 16, 2006

Is Rav Kadouri's illness a test of our faith..

..or does it mean we are not worthy, yet again?
Meaning, we all know that Rav Kadouri announced (or his followers did) that Rav Kadouri had met with the Mashiach and he is ready to come. We know that Rav Kadouri had a bracha that he would love to see the mashiach. We also know that Rav Kadouri said Ariel Sharon would be the last PM and his would be the last government before the coming of the Mashiach.
So both Ariel Sharon and Rav Kadouri are now in critical condition in the hospital, yet Mashiach has not come. While it could still happen and Rav Kadouri could also still get better, it seems like the precitions are not coming true.
Should we follow the Rambam and not deal in such matters until it actually happens? Why would Rav Kadouri have announced it if we were not meant to believe it? Has it not happened because we were not worthy, but we were extremely close?
I do not know any of the answers, but Achake Lo B'chol Yom She'Yavo..

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