Jan 3, 2006

Aych Naflu Giborim (how the mighty have fallen)!

Even the most stalwarts of The Idea of Greater Israel are now proposing a new platform that allows for territorial concessions (under certain conditions).
How could this happen? Isn't this what the NRP has always stood for?
After their performance during the disengagement, this is not that much of a surprise.. To remind you, during the crucial days of voting and deciding the scope of the disengagement, NRP refused to "disengage" from the government coalition saying they could have more influence from within and hoped to minimize the disengagement. Had they dropped out early, it would have caused a political earthquake that might have caused the government to collapse, as it would have generated early momentum against the disengagement, and possibly more Likud MKs would have "rebelled" (a misnomer, as it was Ariel Sharon going against the Likud platform and Likud referendum, not the "rebel" MKs). They chose not to, and the rest is now history. This is logically the next step.
So what are they offering their constituents now as an ideal? They have discussed the importance of Jewish Education. If that is their only issue, they will be deemed as irrelevant as many other one issue parties, especially as most people do not find that issue to be overly important (when comparing it to security and the economy).
If they do not complete the merger with Ichud HaLeumi (in itself a bad idea), many polls have already begun showing the NRP may not even pass the minimum threshhold for joining the next Knesset.

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