Jan 16, 2006

Haredim think they own the world

Haredim once again show "brotherly love".
The Haredi abuse of the genral populace has gotten way out of hand. Where do they get off thinking they own the place and have final say on who moves in and who does not, let alone how somebody dresses or what time of day they can sit in a restaurant to eat at night!
It is high time they were put in their place. If they wish to move to an open city, they need to come to terms with the fact that anyone who so desires has the right to purchase a home in the same city and live there. If the Haredim are so against living and mixing with people of other streams of Judaism, they should move to Haredi Yishuvim and other places that are closed communities that have "vaadot kabbala". The mere fact that you choose to live in a city, means you must be willing to accept others as they are.

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