May 6, 2009

Anti-Semitic hypocrites

Jpost reports that the ADL has accused the large circulation Arab papers for anti-semitism. they have taken advantage of the swine flu scare to publish cartoons of the swine flu with anti-semitic themes.

The ADL website shows a number of them. the two I think are the "best" of the bunch are these:

Amazing that the Arab press would use the image of a pig to depict the Jew/Israeli, considering how a few years ago we had global riots when a cartoonist used the image of a pig to depict Mohammed. We were told then how sensitive they are and how offensive it is.
Two-faced swine is what they are.


  1. It's not faces that they have two of...

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. The Jew has not once maligned the pig the way the Arabs have maligned and caricatured the Jew as a subhuman creature. And Israel is expected to make peace with those who show no respect to Jews?


  4. I think that the original offensive Mohamud cartoon had him with a bomb instead of a Turban. And it wasn't just insulting to Muslim people - it attacked their prophet.

    But point well taken.

  5. NormanF - welcome and thanks for reading and taking the time to coment on the last few posts..


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