May 27, 2009

Quickly becoming persona non grata

I am amazed at how quickly public opinion turns, based on absolutely nothing.

The government has done nothing, has changed no policies, has provoked nobody. At least no more than any other previous government. As a matter of fact, the Netanyahu government has already removed, quietly with almost no fuss, more illegal settlements than any other government.

Yet it seems the Netanyahu government is coming under increasingly heavy pressure and criticism from governments around the world. From governments that were always friendly and always accepted the Israeli position. Suddenly, we are hearing daily about new conditions being placed on Israel for peace with the Palestinians, and Netanyahu is quickly becoming persona non grata among the world leaders.

For no reason. Did the forthcoming Olmert bring peace? Did he commit publicly to Two States for Two People? Did PA Pres. Abbas commit to Two States for Two People? Did Ariel Sharon? Did Yitzchak Rabin? Did Ehud Barak who offered 98% of what the PA was demanding at the time?

They all committed to the Road Map towards a peace treaty. As did Netanyahu. So what has changed?


  1. you mean "illegal settlements" in quotation marks.

  2. I think Lieberman might have something to do with this.

  3. Watching the Am and BBC press accounts of his meetings with Obama and Congressional leaders, BN appears as an uncompromising hard-nosed PM complemented by lieberman's ridiculous and callous comments. BN should better publicise what he has done via the settlements/outposts. Now is a time to rise to the Nixon standard not the Bush one.

  4. What changed is the world has perceived PM Benjamin Netanyahu as someone who can be easily pushed around and his willingness to sacrifice Yesha's Jews have only confirmed the perception. He talks tough but sells out the people who voted for his party.

    Persona non grata, indeed


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