May 27, 2009

Quote of the Day (qotd)

Nobody has any permission to relinquish in any way any part of our heritage. Jordan is also part of the Land of Israel. As Jabotinsky and the people of the Irgun said "The Two Banks of the Jordan River" - This is ours and so is this.

-----MK Michael Ben-Ari (National Union)

I love it when people make trouble like this.... Ben-Ari was rejecting the proposal of fellow NU MK Aryeh Eldad who suggested creating a Palestinian State in Jordan, in order to have the "Two States for Two People" everyone seems to suddenly want as a prerequisite....


  1. Why shouldn't Jews be as extreme and inflexible as the Arabs?

    There's no such as state as Jordan in all of history!

    Kudos to Michael Ben Ari for his political incorrectness. I'm tired of Israeli leaders who rush to assure the world we don't want to offend them.

    Give more offense!

  2. B"H

    Make trouble?

    Even if he was making "trouble," I think we're in so trouble already, his Solomonaic dreams are the least of our worries.

    Only The Likud Can?Let's focus on the real trouble makers: Shifty Shimmy, Yossi no-Dossi, and Dorit BAIN-ish.


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