May 7, 2009

The Miracles of Cast Lead Video, starring Rachel Imeinu...

Sorry for the delay of this post. I was trying to find a copy of the video that could be embedded directly here... I have now given up and will just post it as is.

The following video was recently publicized. It is a video made by soldiers in the IDF about the miracles they experienced and witnessed during the recent Gaza Cast Lead Operation. The IDF opposed the video being made, but they made it anyway on their own. The video is inspiring, and should be watched by all.
A side note, when there was the big "debate" about the Rachel Imeinu story and whether it is true or not that she appeared to soldiers and warned them away from buildings laced with explosives, one of the reasons people opposed it was because "where are the soldiers that saw her?" - nobody interviewed anybody who saw her directly. It was all second hand information. Just after minute 27 in the video, a soldier gives firsthand testimony to seeing Rachel Imeinu and to being warned by her.

Yaak wrote about and posted the video.
The whole video is posted at Sodot TV.
was the original host of the video, I think. But you have to register there to see it.


  1. What's the deal with the special effects so you can't see the women interviewees faces well? Is this the norm now?
    Joel Rich

  2. Joel,
    I also thought that was the purpose when I saw the beginning, but then I noticed that they also covered some men's faces and left some women's faces uncovered. I think there are some other reasons why they were covered (maybe legal?).

  3. Why is the video that of Yetzias Mitzrayim squashed into 15 minutes?? Both at Sodot and Hidabroot???

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  5. i plan on posting about this video, soon. this does not answer all the questions, and is indeed possibly problematic, IMHO...

  6. See my post here about why I don't find this convincing.



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