May 6, 2009

Would you pay 15k for a shidduch?

Somewhere in Bet Shemesh is a 34 year old woman advertising in the local ad papers that she is willing to pay 15,000NIS for a shidduch. (source: News1)

I didn't see the original, so I do not have the woman's phone number to make recommendations, but I will look for it in the local ad books. If you think of anybody, let me know and we'll split the fee.

Hatzlacha to her.


  1. Forgive my unfamiliarity with modern Hebrew, but is the word after the girl's age supposed to imply that she is intelligent?

    The Wolf

  2. Considering the "going" rate of a sahdchan is $1000 - I would venture to guess that the "going" rate for "older" singles is more than that. If so, 15,000 Shekel is probably not more than double - and therefore, yes, its probably worth it - especially if it works.

    Any shidduch you make should get you $2000 for the shidduch

  3. I paid $5000 US for my daughters shidduch.She was 21,but it was money well spent.

  4. so at her advanced age, she should be offering much more!

    I think in some of the recently published new takanos, maybe from belz maybe form a different group, they said one should not pay more than $1000 for a shidduch..

  5. From your surprise, I assume you got married at a young age.

    Yes, If I wasn't married at that age, I'd spend that money (and more) to find a shiduch.

  6. B"H

    What's her number?

    I'm available.


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