May 26, 2009

Mass Dance, Israeli Style (video)

I don't think there is anyone who has email who has not received the following video...

And here are a few samples of what such an experience is like when you add the Israeli flavor to it...


  1. had not seen it but I am reasonably amused.

  2. This was done in London a while ago as an ad for T-Mobile.

  3. You know what was nicer? Last Thursday night, on TV's Channel 1, there was an Israeli song festival, I think in honor of Yom Yerusahlayim.

    The vast majority of the crowd (and it was crowded) in the hall where it took place was not religious looking at all.

    Nevertheless, when the leader of Off Simchas sang "Annah B'koach Gedulat Yemincha Tahtir Tzrurah", everyone sang along and they all knew the words by heart.

  4. The first and last videos are the same. (Maybe you meant to put the T-Mobile ad first?)

  5. thanks yoni. I corrected it. Id id mean to put the tmobile one

  6. I think 'they' need a new gimmick for virals.. 'spontaneous' dancing has gotten boring LOL


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