May 6, 2009

The oldest strip of land

This is pretty cool.
With all the shifts in land topography, and the weather taking its toll, and all sorts of other natural phenomenon - and unnatural phenomenon such as construction, drilling, etc. the topography of planet earth is always changing.

Researchers have just discovered the oldest strip of land that is unchanged. And it is in Israel.

The Negev desert is the topography that has stayed the same for the longest, and is therefore currently the oldest strip of topography in the world. Happy Birthday - they say it is 1.8 million years old!

Very cool.

(source: FoxNews)


  1. If you read the article then it says that this is not just the Negev. That's just where he started, because he is an Israeli researcher.

    "The surface we dated most likely represents large areas in the Sahara and Arabia Deserts," Matmon said. "We hope to be able to collect samples from other locations in the Sahara and Arabia Deserts and establish the global extent of these old surfaces."

    Wonder what he would say about the even shtiya? :)

  2. so he hasn't inspected the whole planet yet. still pretty cool.


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