May 19, 2009

arrested for cottage cheese

This is a strange situation.

A husband and wife were fighting constantly. Clearly a lack of shalom bayis reigned in the house. They later got divorced.

After a fight over whether or not he could use her car, they were up in the apartment. She was washing dishes, and he was eating bread with cottage cheese. His bread got wet - ostensibly because of her washing the dishes. He got upset (soggy bread is the worst!), pushed her and threw cottage cheese at her.

She filed a complaint against him. At trial he admitted to the claims but denied he attacked her (not sure how to differentiate - did he say it was self-defense?)

The judge recently acquitted the husband, saying that because they clearly had a bad marriage and a lot of friction along with fighting over property in the divorce, she cannot accept such testimony simply based on the words of the wife. She has a clear bias and cannot be relied upon.
(source: mynet)

What a waste of good cottage cheese!

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