May 26, 2009

New Immigrant or Real Israeli?

Imagine this - a guy driving down the highway to Eilat (a flat, monotonous highway that is easy to lose track of your speed), is caught driving 50kmph (about 31mph) faster than the speed limit.

Blip Blip (cop blares his siren) - "Mazda - Pull over to the side of the road."

"Officer, what is the problem?"

"Do you realize how fast you were driving?"

"Umm, I was driving at about the speed limit. why?"

"Sir - you were driving, or should I say flying, at 141kmph. That is 50kmph above the limit. I am confiscating your license and you can get it back in the police station in Eilat."

Eventually this went to court. In court, the driver again claimed he was driving the speed limit, the police radar gun confused his car with a different car that was passing him, etc. a number of claims that the court rejected due to inconsistencies in his story.

Then he claimed, "Your honor - I am a new immigrant and don't speak or understand Hebrew very well".

The courts eventually realized after some background checking that he is a doctor and has been living in Israel for 28 years!
(source: mynet)

After 28 years he still considers himself a new immigrant!!?? With that claim, he shows himself to be a real Israeli, and as far from a new immigrant as you can get!


  1. My Dad tells a wonderful story about when he was a new oleh here in 1966 and got pulled over by the police for the offence of undertaking.
    He wound down the window and in his best Oxford voice he said "I'm so sorry officer, i am a new immigrant and i don't know the laws in this country".
    The traffic cop replied in equally perfect English "I think you'll find that undertaking is an offense in England too". (He was an oleh, but had been here a few years longer!!)

  2. rw: I was just about to post the same story!

    Though I think its an urban legend :-)


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